TimeLog Tracker and Google Chrome

TimeLog Tracker and Google Chrome

Several plugins were deactivated in the latest version of Google Chrome - including Silverlight.

This means that you cannot download TimeLog Tracker when using Google Chrome, however, you will still be able to use a downloaded TimeLog Tracker even though you use Google Chrome as browser.

The only issue is when you want to download it for e.g. a new employee or to re-install it. You can then use another browser for the download.

Until September 2015 there is a workaround, so you still can download TimeLog Tracker from Google Chrome. You can do the following:

1. Write Chrome://plugins i browserfeltet.
2. Find Silverlights plugin and mark ”run always this plugin”.
3. Restart your browser.

From October this will no longer be possible.

Please forward any questions about this to service@timelog.com or phone +45 7020 0645 (option 2).


Melanie S. Nielsen

Melanie S. Nielsen
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