More option regarding invoices

More options to add references to invoices

Maybe you have wished to add a different contact person for invoices and projects – now you can!

Previously, the project’s contact person was the customer reference on invoices as default. Now, you may enter your own text in the Customer reference field on the invoice.

This improvement enables you to define a new default text for each customer.

The options are:

  1. A text field (today’s default)
  2. The customer contact person on the invoiced project
  3. A fixed (default) contact person

The advantage of this change is that you can use the Contact on an invoice as invoice recipient, and that the customer's relevant contact person (customer reference) also can be visible on your invoice; typically the one who ordered the project.

If you use e-conomic

If you use an integration to the financial system e-conomic, the text written in Customer reference will be transferred to Customer reference in e-conomic.

If the customer contact person written in Customer reference on the invoice does not exist in e-conomic, it will be created and connected automatically.

Since e-conomic supports sending invoices to more than one e-mail recipient, two emails are sent; one to the invoice recipient and one to the customer contact person.

In TimeLog Project you will find the fields under Customers -> finance.

Enter the recipient of the invoice in the field Contact.



Enter the customers internal contact person on the project under Customer reference.




Farooq Rashid

Farooq Rashid
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