More options when importing expenses

Import of expenses

There are alternatives regarding punctuation, headlines and country format when importing expenses.

Go to Registrations - Import of expenses to import your expenses. Previously, only the US format of the .CSV file incl. US dates, numbers and punctuation was accepted.

Now you may choose the file format yourself including:

  1. Number and date format, you choose what country format your use
  2. Punctuation (comma, semicolon or TAB)
  3. If the imported file has headlines in the first row or not

Furthermore, the new feature allows you to take advantage of the personal settings via the page settings in the system administration menu, which appears when you click the gears icon to the right on each page in TimeLog Project.

In the Page settings menu in the system administration, you can define a standard setting for all parameters, which quickens the import of your expenses.

 Read more about import of your expenses here.

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