TimeLog has opened an office in Holland

TimeLog has opened an office in the Netherlands

In August this year, TimeLog opened an office in Amsterdam and is looking forward to a new adventure abroad.

In 2012, TimeLog decided to open an office in the Swedish capital. We needed to get closer to our customers in the middle and north of Sweden, and at the same time we experienced a rise in demand for our business solutions to small and medium sized professional service companies (PSOs).

After three years in Stockholm, 100 new customers, established integrations for Swedish financial and salary systems and a well-established office, we are now ready to take the next step.

With support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark and the Danish Embassy in The Hague, we have opened a sales office in Amsterdam. The Netherlands is a market for which we have high expectations. For many Danish companies with export activities, it would be more natural to look at Norway or Germany, but the Netherlands is the perfect choice for us, as there exist many PSOs with an international approach to buying software solutions.

With our point of departure in the 25 existing customers in the Netherlands and Belgium, the plan is to get 75 new TimeLog customers on board within the next two years, and strengthen our connection to and growth opportunity in this, to us, important market.

The office near to the Schiphol airport and situated in Amsterdam West was chosen after careful analyses, and the arrival in the Netherlands has overall been well-prepared. The marketing material and the product has been translated into Dutch, we have developed an integration to Exact Online, a significant financial system supplier on the Dutch market.

I am convinced that we will succeed in gaining a strong position in the Dutch market. Otherwise, we would not have engaged in this, for a company of TimeLog’s size, large project and investment it is to start up a new place.  

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