Mileage registrations in TimeLog Project

Useful knowledge, if you use mileage registrations

From London to Manchester, or just from Bath to Bristol; your mileage number in kilometres is necessary in the accounts, both to invoice customers and for your personal mileage allowance.

We have received a number of requests regarding a default allowance for mileage on a customer in relations to the agreed contract; this is now possible.

On the customer card, an extra section has been added to the Finance menu, where you may enter the following default information for the external mileage registration to the customer:

  • Must expenses be billable by default?
  • Must mileage be billable by default?
  • What is the default distance to the customer suggested for new registrations?
  • Must this default distance be the maximum a customer can be invoiced?'
This is how re-invoicing looks like in TimeLog
This is how the travel expenses report looks like in TimeLog

These settings make it possible to track your travels, and you make sure that the customer pays what you have agreed upon in the contract. This is secured by:

  1. Suggesting a default distance to the customer each time you enter the mileage number on a new registration This happens based on the setup on the customer card
  2. When a customer is invoiced, a maximum distance is suggested if a mileage registration exceed the given maximum distance on the customer card; it is optional to exceed your mileage registration