Roles management

Roles management in TimeLog Project

Each employee is allocated one or more roles that define which areas of the system (s)he can access.

Each employee with a standard user licence has an employee specific role, which is only valid for this particular employee. If an employee has no roles attached, (s)he cannot use the functionalities within TimeLog Project. The employee specific role is useful, e.g. if your employee needs access to a specific report that no other employee should use.

Typically, an employee is allocated one of the roles already defined by TimeLog Project. Please note: If you make changes in a role, the changes apply for all employees with that particular role. Remember to assess the content of the role, if you choose to re-name or delete it; Maybe you need it after all?

The general roles may be edited in the System administration under Employees –> User roles and rights management. If you want to change the employee specific role, you go to the employee card in the menu Employees -> Search employees. Here, you choose your employee and click the pencil to edit it. Hereafter, you click the action menu next to Employee specific under User roles to the right in the screen and choose Edit user role.



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Maiken Blok
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