Why all the colours?

Why all the colours in TimeLog Project?

A new range of colours is part of the new design of TimeLog Project. We here tell more about the reasons for our choices.

Traditionally, time tracking systems have been uncoloured and marked by a masculine way of thinking. The new TimeLog Project has a more aesthetic angle and a more feminine look, which should inspire the users to in-depth use of the system. “We want TimeLog Project to be the colourful alternative on the market for time tracking systems", says CEO Søren Lund.

The meaning of the colours

The colours help the user navigate through the system and identify the single pages.We have chosen a range of colours that resembles a rainbow, when the user navigates the system. Several ideas lay behind the choice of colours: The blue colour on the reporting module indicates the place where you find the cold facts, the green colour on the customer module indicates hope, and the deep purple on the project module indicates the focal points of your business.

Furthermore, there is a hierarchical subdivision of the colours, so the important information on a page has a stronger colour than the rest of the page. At the same time, the design model is characterised by having no coloured lines in the system. This makes the weekly timesheet, project totals and the resource planner easier to read and manage. ”We have coloured the entire system, and to make everything more clear, we have chosen the grey background to support our design model”, says Søren Lund.

Panels help the user

Together with the new colours, we have added new panels that follow the user throughout the system. The pink panel to the left of the screen contains favourites and processes and are general for the system. The panel to the right contain personal links and user-defined help, which relate to the specific page the user has navigated to. If the user e.g. searches the reporting module, the icons have the same blue colour.


One of the challenges with the implementation of the new range of colours has been to modify TimeLog Project and make the system suitable for visually handicapped users. In the future, an icon to ensure the colourblind user that a change has happened accompanies the colours.

Colours and culture

At the same time, we are aware that cultural differences have an effect on user satisfaction.

The Scandinavian countries are happy and satisfied with the new range of colours, whereas the German speaking countries are not as satisfied as the Scandinavian. Therefore, it is possible to set one colour for all subpages in the system, and have the rainbow scheme for the main menu only. In this way, we satisfy different needs across cultures and borders.



Besides changing the colours in the product, we use the range of colours to strengthen TimeLog’s brand and appearance. E.g. invoices, websites and marketing material follow the same range of colours which ensure the recognisability of TimeLog among customers and business partners.


The work is not yet over. It is a movable process with changes based on customer feedback, and we make small adjustments on e.g. contrasts to ensure greater customer satisfaction and secure a higher level of user friendliness in TimeLog Project.

If you have any improvement proposals, you are welcome to send a descriptive e-mail to our Customer Service.

Maiken Blok

Maiken Blok
Maiken Blok
Customer support and Language localisation
We want TimeLog Project to be the colourful alternative on the market for time tracking systems
Søren Lund
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