The holiday calendar must be updated at the turn of the year

The advent calendar is important, the public holiday calendar even more!

It is the end of the year, and even though conversations about Christmas parties and the cozy December atmosphere fill the office, you need to do yourself a favour and prepare for the coming year.



The public holiday calendar in TimeLog Project must be updated before January, 1. If it is not done before January, 1, it will be visible on the flex account right away and the employees will see a minus from day 1, since January, 1 falls on a Friday.

Be sure that flex and vacation are calculated correctly in 2016 and spend a little time updating the public holiday calendar.

Get guidance…

We have made a short video that guides you through the steps and shows you how to import the public holiday calendar for 2016. When importing the calendar, the point of departure is in the default language and country set up in the system. Please be aware that some of your employees may use a different public holiday calendar than your default.

It is possible to delete and add new public holidays and at the same time enter how many hours each public holiday counts for. Here, you update the public holidays and days where your company is closed the coming year.

You may also adjust salary codes such as illness, flex, leaves etc. You may set a yearly rate for each salary code, which is adjusted when you reach the turn of the year.

We wish you a good and well-prepared 2016.

Melanie S. Nielsen

Melanie S. Nielsen
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