Managing hourly rates

Managing hourly rates in TimeLog Project

We frequently get questions related to management of hourly rates, and we here have tips for the most frequently asked questions.

New hourly rate – from the project

To enter new hourly rates on the projects, the project manager needs access, which is provided in the system administration. 

You find the setting under System administration -> Employees -> User roles and rights management -> Areas -> Invoices -> System administration pages -> Customer hourly rates management.

Hereafter, new hourly rates may be created by navigating to the Resource group tab, clicking New hourly rate and entering the information.

Customer adapted hourly rate

You can adjust your hourly rates in the System administration -> Finance -> Hourly rates.

Please note that price groups are used for other currencies, e.g. DKK, SEK or NOK, and price lists are used for customer specific hourly rates. If you want to adjust a customer specific hourly rate, you can copy an existing customer price list, change the amounts and thereby invoice your customers a different price.

Adjust hourly rate

You can adjust your hourly rates in the System administration -> Finance -> Hourly rates. At the top, you choose the price list you want to change. 

To unfold the price list, you thereafter click the plus next to the name of the price list. Next, you click the action menu Adjust hourly rate….

Here you enter the new hourly rate and enter the date from which the change is effective. The date may be set with today’s date or earlier, and the system automatically finds all not yet invoiced time registrations and make the changes. Besides this, allocations, resource groups, task prices, project prices and employee specific hourly rates are adjusted automatically.

In the action menu, you may also click Hourly rate log…, which shows you when what changes have been made and by whom.

If you want to know more about our hourly rate management, you can read our guides Managing hourly rates and Quick guide - Managing hourly rates.

Maiken Blok

Maiken Blok
Maiken Blok
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