Maintain and get an overview over projectpayments across projects

Keep track of project and contract payments in one place

Never again will there be any confusion about what projects and/or contracts that are ready for the monthly invoicing.

In the future, the Adjust project payments function can help you keep track of what planned payments you have in a given period.

This overview is especially intended for project managers and bookkeepers, who will enjoy the new interface, where they can update all project payments in one place and at the same time mark them ready for invoicing. This will ease the working procedure before the invoicing takes place.

Find Adjust project payments under projects.

Save time on invoicing 

You save time on invoicing by letting your project managers look through their projects and contracts before invoicing, to make sure everything is well and good.

If you sell specific services like courses, payslips or service licences, you can use this functionality to update different information such as discounts or quantity before the monthly invoicing. 

By default, the page Adjust project payments shows all not invoiced payments on both active and in-active projects and contracts, with a payment date in the current month. By including payments on in-active projects, you ensure that everything is invoiced and nothing is forgotten.

All shown payments can be exported to e.g. Excel for further processing.

The page Adjust project payments chosen for a random month.

You can find more guidance in our help text to Adjust project payments, where you can also read about our new filter/search and how to save time on the daily use of the report.


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