TimeLog’s milestones through 15 years

TimeLog's journey

TimeLog's journey has been exciting the last 15 years and we are looking forward for new adventures in the future.

In February 2016, we celebrated our 15 year anniversary. We have experienced a lot since TimeLog was founded in 2001 with a wish to create the world’s best time tracking tool for the consultancy industry - and we look forward to reach more milestones in the future. 

Here is a screenshot of one of the first designs of TimeLog Projects log in page.

Time never stands still in TimeLog of which TimeLog Project is a visible proof. In cooperation with our customers, we think in optimisation and improvement of processes all the time, and we each year invest in the further development of TimeLog Project, which is seen in the living product, which is renewed in line with the needs from the outside world.  

Good customer relations 

We have many customers who have been with us for a long period of time. Back in 2014, we could celebrate the first customer with a 10 year anniversary, and in 2016 we have more than 40 customers reaching the same milestone. We value these close relations where both parties can help develop both companies. We look forward to celebrate the jubilarians with a real TimeLog cake (the cake can vary in looks).

TimeLog Jubilæums kage

TimeLog's milestones

The central focal point has been our release of ”The new TimeLog Project” back in September 2014. We here laid the foundation stones for the future TimeLog Project with an entirely new design and new navigation. It brought our system into the 21. century, and with the new contract module, we have reached a status that can position us as a central player on the international market. 

Here is a screenshot of TimeLog Projects log in page in 2016.

Timeline for some of TimeLog’s milestones:  

  • July 2010 – TimeLog opens a R&D department in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • February 2011 – 10 year anniversary
  • March 2012 – TimeLog opens an office in Sweden
  • March 2012 – Integration for e-conomic and better user-friendliness
  • June 2014 – First customer 10 year anniversary 
  • September 2014 – Release of the new TimeLog Project – New user experience
  • January 2015 – Visma Administration integration
  • September 2015 - TimeLog opens an office in the Netherlands
  • September 2015 – Integration of NPS – Customer experience department created
  • April 2016 – Winner of Red Herring Europe

TimeLog events!


We are hosting free events throughout the year.

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