Easy management of repetitive tasks in the project plan

Great news if you have repetitive tasks in your project plan

Make your project creation fast with an improved functionality in the project plan, so you e.g. can create a task package each month.


You avoid the slow process of having to copy a task one at a time, if you need the same tasks incl. allocations and contracts repeatedly on the same project.

Copy multiple tasks at once

When you create a new project plan, you can copy one or more tasks and get a full copy of the selected tasks and milestones. You can also decide if the allocations and contracts should be copied or not. 

You mark which tasks you want to copy and then you select Copy tasks and milestones

If you often use this setup, it might be a good idea to save the project as a template so you save even more time when creating projects in the future.

Hereafter you select how you want to copy the package.

An advantage when tasks are repeated throughout the project

This functionality especially helps companies that need to repeat tasks on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis, e.g. bookkeepers and auditors. Also companies that work with development processes where the same tasks are repeated per period or per overall task.

If you repeat tasks within a certain period, we recommend that you do the following:

1)   Create the tasks, milestones and contracts you want to repeat each period

2)   Thereafter you may select to copy the package the number of times you need it When copying, the new copies are named after the period (e.g. January, February, March…) and time schedules and payment dates are automatically moved

With a few clicks, you can build up tasks, exact forecasts and quality assurance lists period for period during the duration of the contract.

Read a guide on how to copy tasks and milestones.

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