Detailed search for customers and contacts in CRM

Detailed search for customers and contacts in CRM

Did you know that you can do a detailed search on customers and contacts in CRM?

In this way you can limit your output and generate the exact lists and overviews you need.
You may e.g. search for all customers of a specific type, or search for all active contacts. On both pages, you can click More search options.

The default search page in the CRM module.

This provides you several lists in the search filter, and under Contacts the search fields from Customers will appear, which may help you to specify you search and do a better segmentation.

A view of the extended search options.

When you have your results list, you can export it in four different formats:

  • Excel
  • Word
  • txt
  • XML

The export functions are marked with icons at the top above the results list.