Flexible approval of hours, vacation and absence

New approval of hours, vacation and absence

Close to the vacation periods, it is often the manager’s job to collect vacation requests from all employees and then take out the calendar to fill in resources in an adequate way.

Melanie Smith, customer communications manager i TimeLog
Melanie Smith
Customer communications manager

TimeLog cannot remove the task completely from your to do list. We can optimise the process by collecting all relevant information about approval in one interface incl. a flow which automatically leads you to the next action.

At the same time, we introduce a build-in communication flow between manager and employee incl. a log, so you no longer need to e-mail back and forth.

Interface where you can approve vacation, absence and hours in TimeLog.

The vacation and absence approval process

In TimeLog, the employee enters when (s)he would like to request vacation or absence and submits for approval. The manager receives the request and can either approve or reject the request. If the request is rejected, the employee is automatically notified.

Through our absence calendar, you can quickly get an overview of, if other employees are on vacation within the same period.

Is it approved?

When a vacation or absence request is approved, it is shown with a little green marking in the time tracking. If the request is rejected, the marking is yellow. When hours are rejected, a red exclamation mark will be shown on the top of the employee’s timesheet, which indicates that the employee needs to be aware of something. When the employee clicks it, (s)he is automatically guided to the rejected registrations, so they can be changed.

Piece of cake!

See how the employee submits hours for approval.

Interface where you can reject single registrations.

Approving hours

Some managers approve weekly, others monthly. You decide yourself which interval you would like to approve hours for. You both get a summary and a detailed view of the data, and you may choose to dive into the details for each employee.

You also have the possibility to reject single registrations instead of the entire period. You might wish to keep the rest of the registrations locked, as you need to invoice and would like to make sure that data is now changed.

In vacation periods, you may need colleagues to approve for your employees. You can now make the setup as you like, so it is not necessarily the head of department who approves the hours.

Interface where you see rejected registrations.

Project manager approval = quality assurance

The project manager approval is essential for you, if you want the project manager to first approve hours spent on the projects before the manager approves all the employee’s time registrations and salaried time.

It is quality assurance of your work as a project manager is up to date on who worked on the projects when, and thereby knows if it is the right employees and the correct number of hours that is registered and invoiced to the customer.

Here you can read the manager approval guide.

Would you like to upgrade?

The new approval process is available in the TimeLog version 2017.

However, this is far from the only news in the new TimeLog, so if you are interested in an upgrade, please contact info@timelog.com to hear more.