Overtime factor in TimeLog

Invoice your overtime hours at the right price

With the new feature Overtime factor, you can easily register the factor in percentage for your overtime when doing your normal time tracking

For those of you who have agreed on overtime payment with your customers, e.g. for work at night or during the weekend, it may be challenging to register the correct factor without manual adjustments. 

We therefore now introduce a new and easy way to register overtime factor. 

The overtime factor is visible in your timesheet here

In practice, the overtime is registered together with your billable hours, and the fixed overtime factor is visible on your time registration without any adjustments of the actual amount of registered hours.

The overtime factor is added when tracking time.

Then the overtime factor follows the time registration all the way to the bookkeeper, who can see the correct invoicing potential in real time.

True and accurate information for everyone 

It gets easier for the bookkeeper to understand the numbers on the invoice, as the overtime factor is added to the invoice lines. 

The overtime factor is visible in your invoice here

The overtime registration is both visible in the invoice draft and the report Time registrations (NEW). It provides a better overview for the manager as well, as (s)he can quickly see how many overtime hours the employees have registered on a specific project. 

See the difference in your revenue 

With overtime factor and rounding, we have optimized your time registration, so you can match the special agreements and manual adjustments, we often see with the customers. 

Together, the two features form a significantly better quality assurance and you can increase your revenue from day one. You find the hours that were not invoiced previously, or you can avoid a lot of manual work, which has given errors and wrong time consumption. 

We, of course, do not hope that you will need to use the overtime factor too often, but the good things are that you now can make sure to invoice all your hours at the right rate without manual adjustments. 

You may read more about how to set up an overtime factor in our time tracking setup guide.

Would you like to upgrade?

The overtime factor and rounding features are available in the Invoicing Advanced subscriptions.

If you are interested in an upgrade, please contact info@timelog.com to learn more.