Separate personal expenses from project expenses

Separate personal expenses from project expenses

Until now, all outlays you had related to projects, travels, mileage, food and meetings should be tracked in one place. But now we have separated personal expenses from project expenses.

By separating the two types, we have made it easier to enter everything in TimeLog, as you then only see the information which is relevant for the different expense types.

Attach pictures of your personal receipts

In the future, all personal expenses are registered under the Register menu. The same place as you are used to. The menu item is called New expense.

Register new expense

You now also have the option to attach pictures of your receipts. Once you have saved your expense, you can add a picture of your receipt.

Attach receipt

You may read more about new personal expenses in our help center

Project expenses are entered under projects

All project expenses are entered under the Projects menu. Here the new menu item is called New project expense.

Register project expenses under Projects

The interface is updated too, so you can add pictures of your receipts as well. You can no longer enter your reimbursement here, as it is not relevant on the project.

You may read more about the functionality of a new project expense in our help center.

Please note: The import of expenses has been split too, and you will find the import of personal expenses in the Register menu and the import of project expenses in the Projects menu.

The option to import expenses from your financial system is now placed under Import project expenses.

Overview of all expenses on the project

Once you are on the project, you will find a new Expense menu under the Finance tab. In here, you will get an overview of all expenses linked to the project, both personal and project expenses.

Overview over all project expenses

Expense reporting and approval of expenses

We have also updated the Expense report - Submit/print.  Here, we have made it easier to see how much you get reimbursed with your salary, and how many project expenses you have had within the period.

You can see from here, which expenses are approved by your manager, and you see which have receipts attached.

There are no changes to the approval process of expenses. This will be part of a later release.

If you would like to see a total overview of expenses and costs per employee, you can use the Data extraction – Expenses report as usual.

Here you get a 20 min. video walk-through of the new functionalities in the Mobile app and on TimeLog web.

Please note: It will be possible to import the expenses in the financial system. We right now work for a solution for e-conomic and later on other financial systems.