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Cross platform tracking

With the new TimeLog Tracker for Desktop, you can do real time registration across three platforms in TimeLog. We call it Cross platform tracking.

20 Mar 2019 | 2 min read
Samine Alimohammadi
Maybe you know Samine Alimohammadi from our newsletters? Samine knows our customers by name and never forgets a face. She makes a virtue of always keeping you up to date on business insights, new features and latest releases to make sure you exploit the full potential of TimeLog.

With our brand new functionality, Cross platform tracking, you can start your time registration on the mobile or in the web application and stop it again in your TimeLog Tracker for Desktop and vice versa.

This means that you can close your TimeLog Tracker for Desktop while it tracks time, and it will continue tracking, but you will be able to pause it from your phone or the web application.

Download TimeLog Tracker for Desktop

You can download the new beta version in your TimeLog under Register -> TimeLog Tracker applications -> TimeLog Tracker for Desktop (BETA).

Macbook Dark Download in TimeLog.png

Available functions in the beta version

When you click a task in the left side, the tracker will start to track the time.

The search function remembers what you searched for the last time you used it and will e.g. start in projects, if that was what you searched for the last time.

Macbook Dark Search options.png

To edit your time registration, you can click the pencil in the right side. The number of billable hours is also made visible, or you can register rounding and overtime factor, if it is set up in the system administration.

You select these settings by navigating to the System administration -> Time and expense registrations, and from here you can set up your factor, rounding and several other time tracking options.

Benefits of using the new version of the TimeLog Tracker for Desktop

Besides a new and improved design, you can also use it on your Mac, something we know has been in demand for a long time.

Like before, you can search for your customers, projects and tasks in the left side of the screen, and in the right side, you will see the registrations you have made during the day.

Macbook Dark Tracker overview.png

Clicking the people icon in the top right corner, you can set your personal settings and select if you would like to see task number, project number and/or customer number.

What you can look forward to in the future updates of the beta version: