[Product news] 8 improvements to make workday easier

See which improvements we have made in our product during the summer

As part of our work towards improving the stability and user-friendliness of the product, we have made eight improvements that you can more about in this article. 

1) Changes to roles, privileges and pages take affect right away

When you as a system administrator would like to give your colleague access to e.g. a specific report, your colleague no longer needs to log out of TimeLog and in again to see the report.

The browser just needs to be refreshed and the report is available right away. The change is also applicable, if you would like to add a new role or right to your colleague.


2) Better overview of long task numbers

If you use long task numbers, you will now only see the last digits in the task number in your project plan or timesheet.

Because it is often the last digits which change from task to task, we have changed the view so you see them instead, when there is no room for the entire number in the column.

The change is applicable for the timesheet, the detailed timesheet, project plans and the report to move hours.


3) Track time on absence using the stopwatch

Now you can use the stopwatch to track time on absence, which is set up using the hours format and do not require approval. You do it the same way as when you use the stopwatch to track time on a project.

The functionality works both in the Mobile app, Tracker for desktop and in your browser, and you can also edit your registration afterwards.


4) Week numbers are now visible in all calendars

We recently made it possible to see week numbers in the timesheet and in the approval pages. Now you can also see week numbers in all other calendars. E.g. in the project plans and reports.

5) Easier creation of accounting periods

When you create accounting periods, TimeLog can automatically create new periods for the coming two years. Then you avoid having to create new periods each year.


6) Improvements of TimeLog Tracker for desktop

  • When you make changes to your registrations, you will see a notification in the bottom right corner. It will tell you, if your change is registered or rejected. The same goes for your absence registration
  • You and your colleagues can change task and project on a registration exactly as in the web version. Once you click Save, your registration is updated automatically. Then you do not need to spend time on updating or moving your registration at a later time
  • The tracker will send a notification, if it goes offline. Your registration will continue in the web browser and in the Mobile app, and you can always start and stop your registration there.

7) New report provides expense overview

Now you can get an overview of both personal and project expenses in the same report. You can easily search your expenses for a specific customer, project or period. And you can see all the details which you have entered on an expense.

The report is enabled in the system administration and is assigned to a role. Then you can find it under personal reports.

Better expense overview in TimeLog

8) Transfer expenses from TimeLog to e-conomic

You avoid double entries when you handle your expenses in the future. Now expenses incl. pictures of receipts can be transferred to e-conomic.

This is both for expenses registered by the employees via TimeLog Mobile and project expenses. If the expense registration contains a picture of the receipt, it will be transferred to e-conomic too.

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