Extensive mileage registration update in TimeLog

Extensive mileage registration update in TimeLog

Now you can look forward to a better experience and updated functionality, if your company registers mileage in TimeLog.

The mileage registration has received a comprehensive update so it now:

  • Works across platforms (web and mobile)
  • Provides a significantly better user experience for users and administrators
  • Supports the collection of data required for the authorities

If you make use of Multiple Legal Entities, or if you have an integration to your salary system, this is also supported in the update.

It is important that you spend some time to learn more about the update, as it covers several changes in the way to use mileage registrations for everyone in the company.

What is included in the mileage update?

We can divide the update into four main parts, which we go through in the article here.

Below you can get an overview of what you need to do when the update is released.

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    Six things you need to do as a system administrator

    As a system administrator, there are six things which are important you do for you to fully utilise the new update.

    • 1) Go through the setup of mileage registration for your company in TimeLog. You find a short guide in the Help Center

    • 2) Go through all existing mileage rates and deactivate those which are no longer relevant.

    • 3) Make sure the active mileage rates have the right periods and the right codes for the salary system if you export mileage to your salary system from TimeLog. Find help for the setup here

    • 4) Create a default mileage rate for private cars and set up the periods for this rate. Guide here.

    • 5) Deactivate all private cars from the current version (or they are converted to company cars). This means that the employees need to create their own private cars with the correct number plates (remember to inform them about it).

    • 6) Go through your current company cars, add number plates and set up the mileage rate.

    1) Mileage rates – now with periods

    We introduce a period function to enable you to only update your company’s mileage rates for the relevant periods.

    Up until now, you have always needed to create a new mileage rate when updating them (typically around the turn of the year).

    This meant that employees should select the right mileage rate from a long list of alternatives, where some of them were outdated. And it has often caused errors.

    With the update, you now determine one set of basic values for mileage in your company per mileage rate. On the rates, you enter the period they are valid for.

    When you need to update your mileage rates, you just create a new period for the mileage rates and update the values for the new period.

    This means that the employees in the future no longer need to select from a long list of rates.

    You can see how to set up mileage rates in TimeLog in our guide in the Help Center or in the video below:


    2) Mileage registration

    The employees will experience larger changes when they need to register mileage in TimeLog.

    Travels and mileage are now separated

    A big change in the mileage registration is that they no longer need to create a travel registration to add mileage.

    Instead, they can now add mileage directly on the task they have registered time on.

    We remove the option to link mileage to a travel registration until we have updated the travel registration functionality.

    Register via mobile and in a new web interface

    We work towards having the TimeLog Mobile app as the employees preferred registration app instead of having to open a web browser.

    As part of that development, they can now register mileage in TimeLog Mobile while they are on the go.

    NOTE: Employees have to set up their car in TimeLog Mobile the first time they create a mileage registration. They can do this as a part of creating their first registration in TimeLog Mobile (see video below).

    They can also register via the comments field on hour registrations in the timesheet in the web browser or in a separate page in TimeLog, if mileage should not be linked to an hour registration.

    You can find a guide to register mileage in our Help Center or see how to do it in the video below:


    [Video below] How to register mileage in TimeLog Mobile app

    3) Cars

    Up until now, you have been able to decide if you should receive compensation for mileage on the created cars. This means that the car decides if you receive compensation or not, which does not correspond to the rules and legislation in a number of countries.

    Therefore, we have moved this functionality to the mileage rates.

    In the system administration, you can select whether the employees should have the option to switch between rates on the cars.

    If you disable the option, they only need to enter, if they drive in their own or a company car when they register mileage.

    See a detailed description in the documentation in sections 2.2.2 and 3.1.4.

    Creating cars

    In TimeLog, you can create two types of cars: Company cars and own (private) cars.

    You create (or update) company cars in the system administration.

    The employees can create their own cars when they register mileage in the mobile app. There is no limit to the number of cars your employees can create. But the cars are only available to the employee who owns them.

    See how to create cars in the system administration in this guide – you can also watch a video demonstration below:


    [Video below] How to create cars in TimeLog Mobile app

    4) Reporting for reimbursement and tax authorities

    With the update follows the new report Mileage reimbursement in the Salary and staff reports category.

    The report provides detailed documentation of the mileage reimbursement for each employee.

    If you have not integrated TimeLog to your salary system, you can use the report as a point of departure for manually transferring reimbursements to the salary system.

    If you enable the Reimbursement taxable split function in the system administration, the report breaks down the mileage registration into taxable and non-table reimbursement items.

    You enable the function in the system administration (see how to do this here).


    How to set up mileage rates:

    How to create and manage cars in the system administration:

    How to register mileage in TimeLog (web browser):

    How to set up personal cars and register mileage in TimeLog Mobile app


    We hope you and your colleagues will enjoy the new mileage registration.

    If you have questions or need help, you are more than welcome to contact us via support@timelog.com or phone +45 70 200 645.