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TimeLog walks the talk to boost maturity with new, internationally experienced CEO

Since 2001, the Copenhagen based software company TimeLog has been dedicated to maturing and optimising their customers’ business processes with founder Søren Lund leading the company.

31 Oct 2018 | 2 min read
Sascha Skydsgaard
”Rather action movies than love movies” is one of Sascha Skydsgaard’s mottos. It also characterises her more than 12 years tour de force in TimeLog. As TimeLog’s CSO, she works tirelessly to keep the organisation up to date and optimise our internal processes.

Through the past 12 months, the company has turned focus inwards and are going through an intensive development to raise its own maturity level to new heights.

From the 1st of November, the company takes a major step in the transformation with the appointment of a new CEO, Per Henrik Nielsen, former VP in Ericsson.

”We do this because we know there are huge gains by working focused on heightening the maturity level in our company. We see it again and again with our customers”, Søren Lund explains the reasons behind the change.

”Since 2001, I have been on the journey from an entrepreneurial to an international company with 800 customers, more than 25,000 users and + 40 employees in three countries. It was time to reshuffle our team. With Per in charge, the team now matches TimeLog’s aggressive growth plans for the coming years.”

TimeLog´s leadership. From the left: COO Sascha Skydsgaard, CTO Christoffer Lanstorp, CEO Per Henrik Nielsen, Founder/Head of Enterprise Søren Lund and Swedish Country Manager Fredrik Mörkeberg


New CEO drives transformation

Through several leading, international positions in telecom giant Ericsson, Per Henrik Nielsen has been the prime mover for widescale organisational developments and successful growth journeys.

He expects TimeLog, who specialises in PSA solutions for consultancies, will take a leading position in the European PSA market within the next two years.

”With my experience as head of a large consultancy, I have a clear expectation that we can take TimeLog to new heights. There is a huge potential in the organisation and we will release it when we execute our new strategy together. Both on the human and product-related level", Per Henrik Nielsen says.

Since May the new CEO has facilitated the transformation towards a more mature company as an external consultant. With the appointment as CEO, TimeLog takes a definitive step towards a higher level of professionalism in the leadership structure.

While Per Henrik Nielsen will be responsible for leading the employees and the organisation to a higher maturity level, Søren Lund will focus on what motivated him to found the company in the first place. Being close to the customers and adjust TimeLog’s product and service to match the needs of larger enterprise companies in Northern Europe.

A new focus on product and heavy hitters on the board

As a part of the transformation, TimeLog's current CTO Christoffer Lanstorp will change position, and in the future be responsible for all the TimeLog products as Head of Product Management.

At the same time, TimeLog will hire a new Head of R&D whom together with Christoffer Lanstorp will form the team to make TimeLog a leader in the PSA market.

At the same time, the company strengthens the board, where CEO in Orbicon Informatik, Anders Tvegaard, will contribute with his extensive experience as new chairman of the board. Finally, Partner in the Danish department of DLA Piper, Carsten Lorentzen, enters the board.

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