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A solution that carries you onwards to 2030

There can be little doubt that our companies will have to develop in order to meet the demands of the market over the coming decade. Here is my and TimeLog’s vision for the journey we are to share.

Per-Henrik Nielsen - TimeLogs 2030 vision
25 Jan 2022 | 6 min read
Per-Henrik Nielsen
Per-Henrik Nielsen, aka Pelle, er CEO i TimeLog. Med mere end 20 års international erfaring, blandt andet som VP og Head of Consulting hos Ericsson, er Pelle garant for, at TimeLog følger sine egne bedste råd og vedvarende arbejder med at booste vores modenhed.

It is often my privilege to have the chance to meet our customers one-to-one.

And when I immerse myself in market analyses and supplement them with data from our TimeLog system (anonymised, of course), I can confidently state that our customers are among the most high-skilled companies in the world.

However, in the same way as everyone else, I’m also looking to the future, where numerous factors are sure to ramp up the pressure on our customers.

For example, the battle for the brightest minds is likely to intensify even further going forward. Clients who are under pressure to develop and become even better within their chosen area will naturally start to demand even more from your deliveries - and will want to pay relatively less for them.

As CEO of TimeLog, I naturally have to ask myself: how well does TimeLog align with your company’s reality - also going forward?

In particular, the requirement for increasingly bespoke deliveries will lead to higher demands on your level of flexibility and your ability to handle project structures of greater complexity.

And it goes without saying that everything will have to be done even faster.

This means that we are all obliged to take our businesses to the next level - simply to keep up. That we have to be even more highly skilled and to fine-tune our machinery to thenth degree.

As CEO of TimeLog, I naturally have to ask myself: how well does TimeLog align with your company’s reality? And will it continue to do so?

The digital solution that boosts your development – also in 2030

My team and I have a vision for TimeLog. That is to provide the digital solution that facilitates and promotes your company's development.

Our ambition is to supply the digital solution that moves you up to the front of the pack, helps you generate the strongest results and makes you the most attractive option for fresh talents.

This is our stated aim.

And over the past few years, we have increasingly embedded it within our corporate strategy. A strategy we have built up from scratch, and where every department – from R&D to Customer Success – has made its mark and helped to realise the vision.

So you can be confident that we will work hard to ensure that, both now and in the future, you have the digital tools you need to tackle tomorrow's challenges.

These things will be crucial to you

So what do you need – in the future, that is?

From conversations with our customers, it's clear to me that what's needed is a simple way to coordinate work – even in complex organisations – along with easy access to insights and analyses and even greater automation of everything that steals focus from delivering value to clients.

In other words, you need a solution where you don't have to waste time using systems.

On the contrary: you want to free up time by working with a system that demands little or no input, monitoring and maintenance, and which provides precisely what you need when you need it.

Even when you yourselves are not entirely sure when that is.

A couple of initiatives targeted at the future

We're already working on a version of TimeLog that will be precisely the solution I've just described.

And with the backing of our new investors, Viking Venture, we've picked up the pace.

A completely new resource planner is already in development, which will make it quick – and, in particular – easy for you to access an overview of your entire team or organisation and enable you to move employees to those projects that generate the most value.

TimeLog is already packed with precious data - which, admittedly, can be a little difficult to access at times. So we are working on an entirely new technology set-up behind the system to allow you to compile and extract precisely the data you need.

The objective is to implement AI in the solution so that the system alerts you when your KPIs start to deviate – without you having to flip through numerous reports and dashboards.

Simplicity to become an integral feature of TimeLog

Finally, we want to make TimeLog much easier to use.

The new generation, in particular, expects your company's digital ecosystem to be fully updated, a match for their needs and intuitive to use.

As I see it, your digital ecosystem is quite simply a competitive parameter in the battle to attract talent. And your new talent is not interested in using obsolete solutions.

Therefore, TimeLog will not only be a brilliant solution for users who know all the back doors and shortcuts. We can see that when we're given a chance to help our users dive down deeper into the solution, they draw much more value from the system.

This is an experience that we want to make even more readily available to everyone.

We are developing the next generation design – Design 7 – a comprehensive approach to simplifying the way you use TimeLog and highlighting the value-generating features.

The first tentative step – a new design – is already live and ready for you to test in preview version.

You will soon experience a TimeLog that matches your needs even better

Another initiative you are sure to note is that we're updating our product plans to make them a better match for your company's development.

It must be said that our Time, Project and Invoicing product plans (distributed between Basic, Basic+ and Advanced) have more than done their bit. And that they no longer support our vision of matching the development of our users and their digital needs at the different stages of development.

So we've decided to repackage TimeLog to make more sense to you as a company.

If you simply need a hammer to drive in a nail, you don't need a TimeLog version that can index hourly rates to the fourth degree. But if your company is experiencing a period of explosive development towards increased maturity, our plans have to be able to support you every step of the way.

The idea is that there should be something for everyone – and it should make sense for you to escalate to the next product plan as soon as you're ready.

But you'll hear much more about all this soon.

I am so looking forward to our shared journey over the coming years. Things are sure to move fast – but we're in for a hell of a ride!

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