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Time registration via Outlook

We'll show you how to setup and register time with TimeLog's integration to Outlook:

  • Easily mark tasks or meetings as time registrations in Outlook.
  • Time registrations are automatically sent to TimeLog.
  • Subject, comments, and billable status are added automatically.

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What are some benefits of using the integration?

Simplified time tracking

The integration streamlines the time tracking process by allowing you to mark tasks or meetings as time registrations in Outlook

Improved productivity

The automated integration reduces administrative overhead, enabling users to focus on their core tasks and be more productive.

Project insights

Project managers gain better insights into how their teams are spending their time on various tasks and projects. This information can help in better resource allocation and project planning.

Accurate billing

The inclusion of subject fields, comments, and billable status in time registrations ensures that billing information is captured accurately, facilitating client invoicing and revenue tracking.

The good thing about TimeLog is that we can see the registered vs booked time on the different employees every day. Even if the planned hours are not executed, they do not disappear from our planning
Anders Graae Project manager Frankly

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