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Resource planning and time registration

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  • Creating a more predictable business with capacity management
  • Use easy time tracking to create a credible data base so you can better manage your business

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What can you do with our Resource Planner?

Smart planning

You can automatically generate a comprehensive resource plan, accommodating projects' timeframes and budgets, while also facilitating adjustments for unexecuted work by employees, projects, or tasks, and efficiently scheduling tasks across the entire project within a specific timeframe.

Distribution of unplanned hours

Optimize workforce planning effortlessly with our intuitive distribution feature. Distribute unplanned hours seamlessly based on remaining time plans, preventing overallocation and maximizing productivity. Choose between even distribution or custom dates for efficient task management. Say hello to streamlined workforce planning!

The workload distribution algorithm

Effortlessly manage planning granularity with day, week, month, or quarter options. Workload is always saved per day, and our automatic distribution and rounding algorithms ensure efficient scheduling.

Employee heat map

Efficiently allocate employee workload with our Employee Heat Map. Get a clear overview of their tasks, spot potential overloading or underutilization, and manage resource distribution effortlessly. Simplify planning at different levels with aggregated totals for better control.

We use it to hold all projects and potential projects in the resource planner for forecasting and staffing purposes. We use the not planned column to ensure that all budgeted hours are planned. It is doing this job well
Johnny Sjögren DGE

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