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Download TimeLog’s time tracking apps 

TimeLog supports your way of working, no matter if you have a quiet day at the office, are on the go, need the big overview or have a day with shifting tasks. 

Cross platform tracking 

TimeLog has three different apps for time tracking: 

  1. TimeLog for Desktop
  2. TimeLog Mobile 
  3. TimeLog Tracker for Outlook

No matter if you start or stop a registration in TimeLog for Desktop, TimeLog Mobile or in the web browser, it is shown in all your time tracking apps, because TimeLog automatically synchronises your registrationsWe call it cross platform tracking. 

We have gathered links for the two free applications (desktop & mobile), so you can easily download them. You must be an existing customer or have started a trial of TimeLog to use and download the apps.

TimeLog Tracker for Outlook is an add-on module. Contact us at +45 70 200 645, if you would like to know more or read about Outlook on our website. 

Tracker for Desktop

TimeLog for Desktop - Mac & PC

With TimeLog for Desktop you can: 

  • Register time while working on your computer
  • Start the stopwatch by clicking a specific task
  • Easily edit, delete and update the registrations
  • Register absence
  • Select if your planned task is billable or not, when you create it
  • Add comments to tasks

You can also use the app without the stopwatch. Then you just add your tasks by clicking the plus sign. 

Our desktop app is especially good, if you:

  • Work on many different tasks during the day
  • Should be able to easily switch between tasks
  • Would like to quickly start a new time registration

Download for macOS

Download for Windows

We update the application automatically when we add new features. 

Tracker for Desktop

TimeLog Mobile - iPhone & Android

With TimeLog Mobile you can: 

  • Register time while being on the go
  • Start the stopwatch by clicking a specific task
  • Easily edit, delete and update the registrations
  • Register absence
  • Select if your planned task is billable or not, when you create it
  • Add comments to tasks
  • Register mileage
  • Register expenses and add receipts with the camera

In brief: You get the consultant’s most important features directly on the mobile.

Our mobile app is especially good, if you:

  • Are often on the go
  • Continuously need to start and stop registrations
  • Would like to easily register mileage or expenses 

Download TimeLog Mobile for iPhone

Download TimeLog Mobile for Android

You can also read more about the apps - and download them - from App Store and Google Play.