Webinar about the biggest TimeLog hits of 2017

7 MAR 2018
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The biggest TimeLog hits of 2017

Don't miss the biggest hits and releases of 2017!

If you did not have the chance to read all the newsletters from last year, and are unsure about some of the cool releases, then do not hesitate to join in on this webinar.

We will introduce you to the most groundbreaking releases from 2017, so you can start using them.

We will among other things introduce you to:

  1. Time tracking and approval – version 2017

  2. New project plan and Search projects functions

  3. TimeLog Tracker for Outlook – and what this release means for resource management in TimeLog

  4. Multiple Legal Entities - connect several accounting systems to your TimeLog


The webinar is held 7 March 2018 from 09.00-10.00 AM CET.


Participation is free of charge and everyone can participate. You register by filling out the form.

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