TimeLog and the GDPR regulation

13 APR 2018

Get ready for GDPR!

The GDPR regulation becomes effective in late May, and we will introduce you to the requirements for data privacy and security that you must comply with.


Are you ready for GDPR? If not, you will be now!

Our CTO, Christoffer Lanstorp, will guide you through the overall principles so that you get the answers to your questions related to GDPR and your data in TimeLog. 

Three basic requirements:

  • You must keep strict control of your personal data handling
  • You must have 'data governance-tools'
  • You must have data policies and processes

We will look into the definition of personal data, so you are sure about which data you must keep strict control with - also in TimeLog. For instance, did you know that data from social media, IP-addresses and cookies all include personal data? Well, now you know!

We will also give you our best tips to how you can prepare your company for GDPR and inform you more about which processes we have in TimeLog in order to be GDPR compliant already now.  


The webinar is held 13 april 2018, from 10.00-11.00 AM CEST.

The webinar is free and everyone can participate. You register by filling out the form to the right. 

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