TimeLog webinar about Outlook

1 DEC 2017
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A perfect forecast of your business!

This webinar will introduce you to all the benefits of the integration between TimeLog and Outlook.

No doubt that your colleagues will be happy about saving time on time tracking! With this integration, your time is planned in Outlook and automatically tracked in TimeLog, so you avoid tracking in both systems.

We have just introduced that recurring meetings in Outlook will now also be tracked in TimeLog. This means that if you have e.g. daily or weekly meetings in your calendar, you do not need to manually set them up each day or week. 

We will also show you the benefits you will have in your resource planning. For instance, you will automatically see the time registrations as planned work in the resource planner. In this way, your Outlook meetings will be shown in the resource planner, so you can see how booked your resources really are - and you will automatically get the full financial forecast based on your project budgets. 

Sign up for the webinar now, and we promise you that the integration will make your everyday life easier. 


The webinar is held 1 December 2017 from 11.00-12.00 AM CET.


Participation is free of charge and everyone can participate. You register by filling out the form.

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