Webinar about TimeLog Tracker for Outlook


Webinar: TimeLog Tracker for Outlook

Get your Outlook meetings turned into time registrations and resource bookings in TimeLog Project.

TimeLog Tracker for Outlook will open whenever you are booking a meeting in Outlook.

Learn more about how to set up and use the new TimeLog Tracker for Outlook.  

We have made it easy to transfer Outlook meetings automatically and register them as time registrations in TimeLog Project. 

With the TimeLog Tracker for Outlook you get:

  • automatic time registrations on your projects
  • the meeting subject as a comment on the registrations when transferred to TimeLog Project
  • the possibility to select if your planned meeting is billable or not, when you plan it in Outlook
  • future Outlook meetings automatically set as hard bookings in the resource planner

And above all - you do not have to track your registrations twice any longer. 

The webinar is held on 28 February 2017 from 10.30-11.30 AM CET. (there are no more seats for the event from 09.00-10.00, but we will have another one from 10.30-11.30)

Participation is free of charge and everyone can participate. You register by filling out the form.