Online workshop: Get the black belt in financial project reporting

Learn how to master financial project reporting

Would you like a 100% overview of your project finances to know which projects are profitable?

In this online workshop, we teach you how to be a true master of financial management before, during and after the project process. It is crucial that you have an overview of the entire process to be able to react to deviations to the plan before it is too late.

So if you are ready to get the black belt in financial project reporting, then this workshop is for you. The workshop is also available in Danish and Swedish.

The workshop is for you who…

Work as controllers, project managers or work with the financial project reporting. You would like to be acute in using TimeLog as an efficient management tool in your daily work, so you minimise the risk of you losing money on your projects.

TimeLog's course in financial project reporting

On the workshop you will:

    • Get a short introduction to hourly rates management in TimeLog to ensure your hourly rates reflect the contract agreement

    • Learn more about how to manage the project financials with due care

    • Learn how to evaluate what went good on your projects and where you have room for improvement. It is alpha and omega, if you would like to secure a high contribution ratio on your projects

    • Get a walkthrough of specific reports that can provide you with a better overview of your projects, their progress and profitability. By and large, get a general overview of your project portfolio

    • Get an introduction to the setup of Accobat’s Power BI plug-in, which offers the option to get additional reporting to what is available in TimeLog
TimeLog's course in financial project reporting
'I have learned many small tips, tricks and shortcuts that are valuable to me. I feel stronger and more secure and “safe” in my use of TimeLog now' - Karin Beck, MCG A/S


The benefits of our online workshops

Get inspiration and new tools. A package with workshop material for download

Become more educated in TimeLog. Get the answers to your questions so you feel safe when using the system

Gain financial benefits. Avoid spending time and money on transport

Get increased flexibility. See the workshop again whenever and wherever

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