Online workshop: Fixed price or time and material?

The settlement types are alpha and omega for you living on selling your time

How projects are settled is crucial for all companies living on selling their time, knowledge and expertise. 
Your settlement type is often the difference between your project providing a profit or red numbers on the bottom line.

On our online workshop, you get thorough insights into the principles behind the different settlement types, so you know exactly which type is optimal for your projects.

We provide you with background knowledge, shortcuts and a lot of new tools in your project manager toolbox. The online workshop is also available in Danish and Swedish

Online course in settlement types
    • Do you know when it is most profitable for you to settle on fixed price, time & material, prepaid hours or a fourth solution?

    • Would you like tips & tricks to save time when you create projects and at the same time get 100% control of how you easily add the relevant settlement types?

    • Would you like to know how to set up projects with e.g. main deliveries on fixed price with constituent elements on time & material?

    • Do you know how you analyse the results of your previous projects, so you can improve your project performance continuously and get an overview of which settlement types offer the highest contribution ratio?
Online course in settlement types

The workshop is for you who…

Work as project managers, leaders or are responsible for your organisation's finances. You work with projects in TimeLog and need to navigate between settlement types and can see that you have an improvement potential in your project management process. Therefore, you need a thorough introduction to the settlement types.

The workshop is relevant for you, if you would like input to how you guide your colleagues to select the right settlement type when they sell your services to customers.

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On the workshop you will:

    • Get an introduction to the different settlement types and understand their benefits and drawbacks

    • Learn more about how to mix the different settlement types in the same project in TimeLog to get an automated project invoicing process

    • Get input to how to guide your colleagues
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'The workshops have helped me gain a better understanding of TimeLog and given me the courage to explore TimeLog much more' - Karin Beck, MCG A/S


The benefits of our online workshops

Get inspiration and new tools. A package with workshop material for download

Become more educated in TimeLog. Get the answers to your questions so you feel safe when using the system

Gain financial benefits. Avoid spending time and money on transport

Get increased flexibility. See the workshop again whenever and wherever

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