Avoid incorrect invoicing with our improved hourly rates model


We have listened to your feedback and removed unnecessary complexity in our hourly rates model.

With our improved model, you no longer need to maintain a long and confusing price list and do manual price indexation.

These are big changes that will ease your daily work in TimeLog.

Does it solve a problem or two?

Then contact us about an individual online workshop. Our full focus is on you and your needs, and we help you increase your quality assurance around your choice of hourly rates that limits the risk of wrong invoicing. The workshop is also available in Danish and Swedish.  

The practical things

  • Price: 505 EUR
  • Length: 3 hours
Hourly rates handling in TimeLog
    • A detailed walkthrough of the improved hourly rates model and the options: Project specific hourly rates and mass indexation of selected or all hourly rates

    • Help to build the optimal hourly rates structure

    • Help to clean up and adjust existing projects and price lists
Hourly rates handling in TimeLog

Here is how you register

Contact us via info@timelog.com and we will find a date where our consultants guide you to the best setup in an online workshop.