Online workshop: Easy and safe salary management

Kill the time waster! Here is how your salary management becomes easy and effective


According to EY, you can generally streamline your salary process with up to 75%. Pretty crazy, but also really cool, because this means that there are big-time savings to gain, which you can use on other value-creating work.

Are you ready to say goodbye to a time-consuming salary process? Then sign up for our online workshop where we help you optimise your salary process. The workshop is also available in Danish and Swedish.

Save time on your salary management process

On the workshop you will:

    • Get inspiration to how to streamline your salary process

    • Learn how to set up and use the correct salary codes in TimeLog

    • Know how to use the approval to get an overview of expenses/mileage/time registrations in your salary process

    • Get inspiration to which reports you can use in your salary management in TimeLog

    • Get your salary data from TimeLog transferred automatically to the salary system via an integration to avoid manual work when reporting salary data
Save time on your salary management process

The benefits of our online workshops

Get inspiration and new tools. A package with workshop material for download

Become more educated in TimeLog. Get the answers to your questions so you feel safe when using the system

Gain financial benefits. Avoid spending time and money on transport

Get increased flexibility. See the workshop again whenever and wherever

We offer you the following workshops

Fixed price or time & material: Which settlement types create most value for your business?

Become knowledgable about when it pays off to use fixed price, time and material, prepaid hours or a fourth settlement type. 

Your settlement type is often the difference between your project providing a profit or red numbers on the bottom line.

Get the black belt in financial project reporting 

We teach you how to become a true master in managing financial reporting, before, during and after the project course. 

Then you can react on deviations in your project plan before it's too late. Are you ready to get the black belt in financial reporting and get a 100 % overview of your project economy? 

Streamline your invoicing and increase your revenue

Are you completely in control of your invoicing process? If not, then we are ready to help you on our online workshop.

We teach you how to get a full overview of what must be invoiced so you can increase your revenue.