Maximise your use of TimeLog PSA 

TimeLog is a PSA system with many opportunities. During our individual workshops, we help you optimise the way you use TimeLog. Then you get the full profit of the system and make sure your processes are supported in TimeLog.  

You also gain a strong understanding of how you can use TimeLog as an efficient tool to free up time for other value-creating work. 

Get an overview of all our standard online workshops at this page. You are also more than welcome to contact us for a tailored workshop. 

We offer all our workshops in Danish, English and Swedish. 

Which online workshop will you join?

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Tailor your own online workshop 

Our tailored online workshops are targeted for you who want to optimise the way you use TimeLog. 

Maybe you have new work processes you want to support in TimeLog.

Either way, you are welcome to contacts us for a tailored online workshop. 

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Get the black belt in financial project reporting 

We teach you how to become a true master in managing financial reporting, before, during and after the project course. 

Then you can react on deviations in your project plan before it's too late. Are you ready to get the black belt in financial reporting and get a 100 % overview of your project economy? 


Streamline your invoicing and increase your revenue

Are you completely in control of your invoicing process? If not, then we are ready to help you on our online workshop.

We teach you how to get a full overview of what must be invoiced so you can increase your revenue.  


Kill the time waster! Streamline your salary management

Would you like to avoid a time-consuming salary management process? 

Then do yourself a big favor and sign up for our workshop. We teach you how you can streamline your process so you release more time to value-creating work. 


Hourly rates management

Avoid manual price indexing and complicated price lists.

On our online workshop we teach you the new possibilities in our improved hourly rates model so you are ready to take advantage of them. 

Will you join in?


Fixed price or time & material: Which settlement types create most value for your business?

Become knowledgeable about when it pays off to use fixed price, time and material, prepaid hours or a fourth settlement type. 

Your settlement type is often the difference between your project providing a profit or red numbers on the bottom line.