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  • Nøgletal i realtid
  • Fleksibel tidsregistrering
  • Mindre administration
  • Økonomisk projektstyring
  • Simple og komplekse kontraktformer

Practice makes perfect!


Therefore, we offer different online workshops where you get a high level of education. 

We teach you how you become even better at the processes you work with daily. 

You also get a thorough understanding of how you can use TimeLog as a strong tool to release more time to value-creating work. 

All our workshops are available in DanishEnglish and Swedish.

Which online workshop will you join?

Streamline your invoicing and increase your revenue

Are you completely in control of your invoicing process? If not, then we are ready to help you on our online workshop.

We teach you how to get a full overview of what must be invoiced so you can increase your revenue.  

Kill the time waster! Streamline your salary management

Would you like to avoid a time-consuming salary management process? 

Then do yourself a big favor and sign up for our workshop. We teach you how you can streamline your process so you release more time to value-creating work. 

Hourly rates management

Avoid manual price indexing and complicated price lists.

On our online workshop we teach you the new possibilities in our improved hourly rates model so you are ready to take advantage of them.