[TimeLog Power Sessions]

Your quick fix for efficient work processes in TimeLog

TimeLog is a big system with many features. And we would like you to learn more about them.

During our Power Sessions, you get a quick introduction to different subjects and features, e.g. the approval process, our Outlook integration or One Click Invoicing. It is an offer for you, who want free education in TimeLog.

Maybe you already know everything within the subjects, or maybe you just started to use TimeLog. No matter what, it always pays off to learn from the skilled TimeLoggers, and you can do this during our Power Sessions.

Each session takes about 20 minutes and is in English. 

Benefits of our Power Sessions

  • You get a walkthrough of different features and processes directly in the system, and it gives a real picture of how they work in TimeLog
  • You have time for your most important meetings and tasks, because every session only lasts 20 minutes
  • I primarily just listen in on Power Sessions to get a few good tips. I know most of the topics, but there are always a few words of wisdom that you did not know of beforehand.
    Ole Krogslund Freelance Accounting Assistant, DK2 Bygherrerådgivning A/S
  • I am really satisfied with the Power Sessions. I am an everyday user of TimeLog and every day I am excited to find out about a new feature that we can use as a company. These Power Sessions gave me the answers to a lot of questions, even for something that I am working with constantly, there were things that I learned about them that I can very much use in the future.
    Tamara Petrevska Administrator, Kobborg Consult

    Top 5: Our most popular Power Sessions

    Take a look at our exciting Power Sessions and sign up for those that can bring value to your use of TimeLog.

    Here is your 20 minutes quick fix

    [Setting up the e-conomic integration]

    Get started with the integration

    During our Power Session we look at:

    • Easy setup - you can do it yourself
    • How it works in practice
    • Help for the integration log


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    [TimeLog for Desktop]

    The TimeLoggers' favourite client

    We are huge fans of our TimeLog for Desktop. Learn why we find it smart and how you get to use it. We look at:

    • How you download it
    • How you track time and absence
    • How you do fast and easy search
    • How you find your tasks


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    Turn up the power in your approval process 

    Do you feel that time and absence approval can be chaotic and time consuming? Then this is the right power session for you. We show you how you with a few clicks can approve or reject your colleagues’ hours or absence request in a good interface. 
    We show you: 

    • How absence approval is easy for both employees and leaders 
    • How you approve or reject the employees’ timesheets or absence request in one go 
    • Where you set up rules for closing timesheets 
    • How the employee can correct a rejected period


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    [Reports in TimeLog] 

    Our best tips for your invoicing process 

    TimeLog has more than 80 different reports. During this session, we focus on two essential reports for the bookkeeper. 

    • The debtor list 
    • Accounting – Monthly 


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    [Reports in TimeLog] 

    Top 3: Our favourite reports the project manager can’t live without 

    During this session, you get an introduction to the three reports we believe provide you with the overview of the most important data you need in your work. 

    • Time registrations by project/employee 
    • Project portfolio 
    • Data extraction: Projects 


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    [The system administration in TimeLog] 

    Genius & general settings in the system administration 

    We dive into the general settings you need to know for: 

    • Departments 
    • Number series 
    • Security and access 
    • Front page 
    • Personal data protection (GDPR) 


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    [Hourly rates model] 

    Top 5: Tips & tricks to hourly rates in TimeLog 

    During this session, we teach you how you set up your hourly rates model correctly. Learn how: 

    • Hourly rates work on projects 
    • You standardise your hourly rates setup with price lists 
    • You make TimeLog suggest the right hourly rate 
    • You use hourly rates in different currencies 
    • You use hourly rates in project templates 


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    The golden recipe: How you easily and safely index hourly rates in TimeLog 

    To make your job with indexation as easy as possible, we recommend you to start the indexation on a general level and get more detailed along the way. We show you that process during this session. 

    We take you through indexation via: 

    • Price lists 
    • Customer level 
    • Project level 
    • Contract level 
    • Detailed indexation 


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    [Salary management] 

    The salary bookkeeperhow tguide for salary management in TimeLog 

    During this session, we take you through the most important things you need to know about: 

    • Salary management 
    • Salary rules setup 
    • Advanced salary time management with salary accounts, codes and groups 


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    [Expense tracking update] 

    Say goodbye to physical receipts 

    Do you dream of saving time registering your expenses? Then this is the right Power Session for you. With our new updates, you can attach PDF files or pictures when you register expenses – also in TimeLog Mobile. 

    Does it sound like music to your ears? Then sign up now and get a walk-through of:  

    • How the expense flow in TimeLog works in both browser and TimeLog Mobile 
    • How it is easier for the bookkeeper to download and see attachments in TimeLog 


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    [TimeLog Help Center] 

    Our website 100% dedicated to help you in TimeLog 

    No matter if you’re new in TimeLog, need to run in new employees or want to know more about how to use the system, help is near in our Help Center. 

    Here you find everything from guides to FAQs. And in this Power Session, you get an introduction to how you use our Help Center. We take a look at: 

    • Where you find our guides 
    • Where you find our FAQ 
    • How to sign up for our release notes 
    • Where you find our how to videos and previous Power Sessions 
    • Where you can follow the TimeLog operating status 


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    [Welcome to TimeLog] 

    The 3 most important things you need to know as brand new time tracker in TimeLog 

    Are you a new time tracker in TimeLog? Then sign up for this Power Session, where we take you through: 

    • How you set up your personal settings 
    • How you track time via the browser 
    • How you register personal expenses 

    Then you get a good start working in TimeLog. 


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    [Welcome to TimeLog] 

    The 3 most important things you need to know as brand new project manager in TimeLog 

    Are you a new project manager in TimeLog? Then sign up for this Power Session, where we take you through: 

    • How you create a project incl. tasks via the QuickCreate feature 
    • How you set up a project incl. tasks via project templates 
    • How you navigate in the project features in TimeLog  

    Then you know the most important features for you as a new project manager in TimeLog.  


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    [My TimeLog account]

    5 things you need to keep track of

    During our Power Session we look at:

    • How you get an overview of your account
    • How you change invoice information
    • How you read your action log
    • How you buy licences
    • How you see your purchase history


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    [TimeLog Mobile]

    The app that gamifies registration

    With our Mobile app, you get easy time tracking, fast reporting of vacation and absence, mileage registration and all your expenses gathered in one place.

    Get a quick introduction to the app and prepare to use it right away.


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    [TimeLog  and Microsoft Outlook] 

    From planning in Outlook to time registration in TimeLog 

    One of the main benefits of using our integration to Outlook is that you save time and double work, because your appointments in Outlook turn into time registrations in TimeLog. 

    Another benefit is that you can use the integration to see how much you can expect to invoice based on the planned appointments in Outlook. Learn more about the other benefits during the session. 


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    [The timesheet]

    Our best tips & tricks

    Get an introduction to the timesheet in TimeLog in our Power Session. We will show you:

    • What double entries are and how to unlock them
    • How you mark favourites and why they are smart
    • Your view options
    • How you set your personal settings


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    Our Power Sessions are facilitated by

    Sara Gustafsson
    Customer Success Manager

    Josephine Larsen
    Customer Success Manager