Tailored workshop based on your needs 

None of our customers use the TimeLog system in the exact same way.
We therefore offer tailored workshops to match the features and processes you use in the system. 

Before we workshop, we have a dialogue with you about which areas of TimeLog you want us to go through. 

The workshop is individual and hands on. We combine theory and practice, and our instructor is ready to answer your questions as you progress through the exercises. 

We can host the workshop in Danish, English and Swedish depending on your needs. 

Tailored online workshop in TimeLog

The workshop is for you who e.g.:

  • Have a need to check up on your TimeLog setup as you have grown

  • Want to take new TimeLog functionality into use 
  • Have changed work processes in your organisation and wish to implement them in TimeLog 
  • Have new employees who you want to teach the processes and functions you use in TimeLog 
Tailored online workshop in TimeLog

Will you join us for an online workshop?

Contact us for a tailored workshop and we will get back to you as soon as possible to make the arrangements.