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Do you want to add your personal touch to TimeLog PSA?

Our VIP user group is for you who want to add to our new releases and improve the existing functionality in TimeLog. 

You role is to provide feedback and input when we plan our future improvements in TimeLog. The meetings are also your opportunity to receive free training in the new features. In this way, you get features under the skin before we release them. 

This is your time to shine and add your personal touch to the system development. We develop the system’s roadmap based on the feedback and the input we among other things receive from our user group meetings. 

Join in on our VIP user group

Who can join TimeLog’s VIP user group? 

Everyone has the change to sign up for our VIP user group that consist of engaged TimeLog users eager to add their personal touch to the future TimeLog. 

We have no demands regarding your user level in TimeLog, but we expect you to take active part of the meetings. 

Join in on our VIP user group
TimeLog VIP user group

How do I sign up for TimeLog’s VIP user group? 

 You fill out the sign up formula and then receive a confirmation e-mail. We contact you, when we need feedback and input for our future releases. 

We look forward to a good dialogue about the future TimeLog system. 

TimeLog VIP user group
TimeLog VIP user group

How will it work in practice? 

The meetings will primarily take place online and typically last 1.5-3 hours. They are facilitated by our product team that will start the meeting with a short introduction to the specific topic and follow up with a dialogue and discussion with you. 

There will be no fixed meeting dates. We call you in in smaller groups when the team needs input for new concepts and improvements to TimeLog. We may also call for specific meetings for e.g. project managers, bookkeepers or leaders. 

We do not expect you to participate in all the meetings, but the ones relevant to you and your company. We always have focus on “Value Your Time”. 

TimeLog VIP user group