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How do you get your company ready for growth in 2022?

Get the results from the world's most extensive benchmark of the consultancy industry.

Sign up for the webinar with TimeLog's CEO and hear what you can learn from 2021 and where you should put your focus in 2022 to secure growth in your company.

The webinar is available on demand.

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Turn time tracking into a game and create focus for your team

If you want to establish a good, productive working environment staffed by satisfied employees, it is crucial to create time and focus for the work that generates value.

And to make time registration more meaningful and motivating for the individual employee.

In this two-part webinar, experts Trine Kolding and Karsten Rasmussen present specific strategies for boosting focus and implementing good (and fun) routines for time registration within your team.

The webinar is available on demand.

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Get to grips with your project financials

Getting your project financials under control can be difficult. Most project managers and financial controllers can't see if their project is going to be profitable before it is done and all invoices are paid.

But it is actually possible to get in control of the finances while the project is in progress. We will tell you how at the webinar.

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