If you're running a consultancy company, time tracking almost certainly makes out the core of your business model and lays the foundations for how much they can invoice. 

However, your employees might often find time tracking a chore and see it as a distraction from the work they consider valuable and motivating. 

If you are keen to establish a good, productive working environment staffed by satisfied employees, it is crucial to create time and focus for the work that generates value.

And to make time registration more meaningful and motivating for the individual employee. 

In this two-part webinar, experts Trine Kolding and Karsten Rasmussen present specific strategies for boosting focus and implementing good (and fun) routines for time registration within your team.

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Part 1: How to increase time and focus for yourself and your team

Trine Kolding shows you how you can reduce and deal with the various interruptions, save time and ramp up both focus and efficiency.

  • Identify the patterns, so you can find more time and focus
  • Four specific strategies for reducing and dealing with interruptions
  • How to restore focus more quickly following an interruption

Part 2: Establish better (and more fun) time registration routines

Karsten Rasmussen provides inspiration for how you can transform time registration from an irritating chore to a (more) fun activity, where your employees all pull together.

  • Understand the importance to your company of good and bad routines in the context of time registration
  • See how gamification, team spirit and humor can have a positive impact on your time registration
  • Hear how good routines help provide better data and make time registration less stressful for the individual


Your webinar hosts are:

Karsten Rasmussen

Founder & CEO at TimeJam

Karsten has been registering hours throughout his career, and has always found it an irritating chore that was hard to master. As a director at a web agency, he experienced for himself what poor time data meant for the smooth running of the organisation, and so he set out to find new ways to motivate his team to handle their time registrations properly.

He then went on to found TimeJam, which uses a bot to motivate employees to become more involved in time registration through gamification, team spirit and a tongue-in-cheek approach.


Trine Kolding

Author and teacher

As Denmark’s leading expert in efficiency and planning, Trine Kolding is passionate about time. More than that, actually: she is devoted to spreading knowledge about how to plan it – and how to make more of it in a busy working day.

Since 2000, Trine has been inspiring and advising busy managers and employees on how to sharpen focus and make the most of their time.

She has recently published a new book entitled FOKUS - sådan skaber du gode arbejdsbetingelser for din hjerne