Take an hour and hear how resource management can help you solve challenges such as:

  • You lack an overview of planned projects, employees and project managers
  • It is difficult to see which employees are overbooked and which have time to spare
  • You spend too much time planning ahead - just to get an overview here and now
  • It is difficult to see which staff are available to staff projects
  • You can't see holidays, flex or how much time has already been spent on a project when planning new

With resource management, you can effectively staff projects, increase billing rates and gain visibility into the future.

Our webinar will introduce you to resource management. You'll gain insight into trends and learn how to get started.



Content of webinar

  • What is resource management and what business problems does it solve for you? Søren Lund, Founder, TimeLog
  • Trends & tendencies: what we have learned from +50 customer interviews on resource management, Kasper Kosack, Business Advisor, TimeLog
  • Case: Inspari
  • Product demo: opportunity to see TimeLog's new resource planner, Søren Lund, Founder, TimeLog

The webinar is for you who:

  • Manage projects and need an overview of skills, staff and availability
  • Tired of coordinating resources at meetings and via various spreadsheets
  • Running a business that is now at a size where you need better management and coordination to achieve your goals
  • Is responsible for the finances and wants to know how many projects and hours you have in the book already

Your webinar hosts are:

Søren Lund

Founder and Head of M&A, TimeLog

Søren shares his extensive knowledge on how resource management can help you manage and optimise your consulting business.

Kasper Kosack

Business Advisor - Enterprise, TimeLog

Kasper helps large companies with time registration and project management. He will give you insights into trends from more than +50 customer interviews on resource management.