Make data understandable

Visualise TimeLog data with Accobat BI

To many, it is alfa and omega with exact real time data to make it possible to react on new tendencies.

The presentation of data itself plays a large role, as you can summarise complex information and make them understandable for everyone in the company, and not just the management, with the right tools.

The right data as point of departure 

Data must be simple to retrieve and manage. In TimeLog, there is a detailed data set and if it is presented in the right way, it is a powerful tool in decision making processes and to navigate from in the daily work.

We have made it possible to pull data from TimeLog and visualise them through interactive dashboards, KPIs, analysis, reports and storyboards. 

Whether it is for management, the sales department, the development department or the bookkeeper, you can cover your needs for reporting and analysis by integrating TimeLog with Accobat’s BI tool, which is based on the Microsoft Business Intelligence platform.

If you want to work based on visual data and create your own specially designed reports, please contact our partner Accobat to hear more about the opportunities.

About Accobat

Accobat is market leader within the combination of BI and CPM in Denmark with more than 100 implementations. Accobat delivers flexible, scalable and userfriendly solutions for BI/DW, Corporate Performance Management and salary and resource management. The solutions have a wide range from simple budget and reporting solutions based on standard software to more advanced and complex solutions with several data sources and wide spreading in the organisation. 

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