TimeLogs Integration API - read about the options.

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Integration API

  • Guaranteed lifetime of three years
  • Integrates with your remaining systems
  • Benefit from a cohesive ERP
  • Updates to TimeLog Project don’t require special attention
  • Based on Microsoft WCF technology


Connect your business systems with TimeLog API

You can connect TimeLog with other business systems and save time with TimeLog’s Integration API.

The TimeLog Integration API is designed to act as a hub for your systems, so fx customer, contact, project, event and time registration data need only be entered once.

Tailor-made for you

The integration features are yours to develop, or we’re happy to provide you with a TimeLog consultant to assist you with the programming.

Our vision is to enable all your customer-oriented systems to exchange data automatically, giving you the sense of having only one, centralised BI system instead of several individual solutions struggling to interact. In this way, you save time on administration and are free to focus on your core business competencies.

Based on WCF

The TimeLog Integration API is based on Microsoft’s WCF standard, which makes it exceedingly easy for .NET developers to create integration solutions for TimeLog.

The API is fully documented and supports the following data exchange commands:

  • Customers (INSERT / UPDATE / DELETE)
  • Contacts (INSERT / UPDATE / DELETE)
  • Projects (INSERT / UPDATE / DELETE)
  • Allocations (INSERT / UPDATE / DELETE)
  • Time registrations (INSERT / UPDATE / DELETE)
  • Employees (INSERT / UPDATE / DELETE)

Three-year warranty

Each version of the different TimeLog Integration API services comes with a guaranteed lifetime of three years. This means that integration features developed on the API platform don’t need redeveloping when a new version of TimeLog is released.

Getting started with TimeLog API

We’ve covered the methodology behind Integration API in detail, enabling you to develop customised solutions on the API platform.

Do you have other needs?

The API is under constant development, so if you have any business areas you’d like to supported, please contact support@timelog.com