The benefits of an integration to NAV

A full licence to Microsoft Dynamics NAV can be expensive compared to what it is used for.

With the best from two worlds, you are guaranteed a good investment, because you only need to give the full NAV licences to the financial staff. The finance department can follow the usual procedures in Dynamics NAV, and the project managers can focus on the specific task and progress management on their projects. Furthermore, the employees do not need to report their hours in an accounts based system, which is not build for task and project management, but instead they can make use of six different time tracking clients.

Reap the benefits already shortly after the implementation:

  • Reduce the number of full NAV licences
  • Reduce the access to your financial system
  • Get user-friendly time tracking
  • Invoice projects accurately and on time
  • Replace chats about account numbers with overview and tasks
  • Give the project managers real time data without interrupting the finance department
  • Get a large portfolio of project follow up reports
  • Increase job satisfaction and productivity for all professions

Integration with good finances

As we offer a standard integration, we minimise the need for extra consultancy work, which is normally necessary with new integrations, as configuration and test are limited tasks, and as standardised as Dynamics NAV allows.

By letting both professions do what they do best at the same time, you can reap the benefits on the long run by linking two best of breed systems without depending on the IT department.