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TimeLog and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 

Looking for a complete business system linking your IT systems in the entire company? Then the integration between TimeLog and 365 Business Central might be the solution you have searched for. 

Dynamics 365 Business Central is the latest version of Microsoft’s ERP solution NAV in the cloud, perfect for small and medium-sized companies.



Get the best from your finance solutions - and add superior time tracking

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How do you document that you process sensitive personal data correctly?

Employee data, customer data, etc. are typically processed both by you and your suppliers. But your company is responsible for the correct processing of data. Therefore, you need to ask your supplier for documentation to prove they’re GDPR compliant.

Which control targets do you have in place?

Make sure to ask which control targets your supplier has in place related to data security and IT infrastructure. A control target could e.g. be a process for managing GDPR incidents, or adequate knowledge about which systems manage which data, especially personal data. A significant part of ISAE 3402 is to set up a number of documented control targets that are controlled by a specialised auditor.

When did you last assess your IT compliance?

Ask your supplier how often they revise, validate and update their IT policy and security. Companies often purchase new programs, IT tools or apps, and that must be reflected in the processes and documentation. Det er ikke nok, at en leverandør har lavet en IT-politik tilbage i 2018, da GDPR blev indført. It must be updated all the time. Unlike the ISO 2700X certifications, the control of ISAE 3402 and ISAE 3000 is performed every year. An ISO 2700X certification doesn’t need renewal, but shows that the conditions were met at the time of the certification. So, if your supplier has an ISO certification, ask when it was done.

Do you revise both processes and procedures and physical and logistical security?

How often do you visit your supplier? Maybe they’re placed completely or partially in a different country? An ISAE 3402 declaration includes a physical audit of the security.

What is your procedure for processing sensitive personal data?

Before you implement a new system in your company, you need to know the entire process for how your supplier processes your, your customers’ or your employees’ data. In Europe, all companies are governed by the same rules related to GDPR. You need to be aware of the documentation of how the company lives up to these rules.
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Invoice automation

All relevant data is synchronized between the two solutions.

Intuitive time tracking

Get more accurate data and increase your billable hours.

Save time on your invoices

Transform invoice potential to booked invoices with a few clicks with TimeLog.

Streamline your processes

Get a flexible and scalable solution that can be customised to your needs.

Combine a complete ERP solution in the cloud with super easy time tracking

Give employees the benefits of simple time tracking while ensuring that the company has the business solution needed to succeed. With TimeLog, every employee can track time the way they want. This secures accurate data and fewer barriers when it comes to registering time.

Get a free trial of TimeLog for Business Central

Silky smooth invoicing process? Yes please!

With the integration, you get a coherent business solution. Registrations in TimeLog can easily be transferred to Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Use our One Click Invoicing and transform your invoice potential to booked invoices in one smooth process and transfer these to Business Central to save hours on invoicing.

The insights you need to run your business

Get the best from two vendors when it comes to reporting and analysing your financial numbers. Because data between the two systems are synchronised, you always have full insight into current numbers and performance.

In TimeLog, you also get access to several standard reports and our REST API, if you need to exchange data to other systems.

Reduce the number of manual processes without lifting a finger

The integration improves your invoicing process significantly. 

TimeLog links several key data with Business Central as soon as the integration is set up, which reduces your manual processes, minimises the chances of mistakes and saves you time. 

Business Central dataflow model

The following data is transferred from TimeLog to Business Central 

  • Customers 
  • Contacts 
  • Employees 
  • Invoices 
  • Automatic transfer of projects 
  • Project expenses registered in TimeLog Mobile – incl. financial accounts and pictures 

The following is transferred from Dynamics 365 Business Central to TimeLog

  • Customers
  • Financial accounts to be used for the invoicing 
  • Supplier invoices to projects in TimeLog 
  • Invoice status

Price and product version

  • Requires a monthly Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central subscription 
  • Requires TimeLog Growth

Support and setup

  • Set up from Microsoft AppSource. Can be set up by you without the help of a consultant.
  • Cloud and on-premise. Contact TimeLog for on premise
  • Installation guide on Help Center

Get started now

GDPR and security