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TimeLog and Datev Lohn und Gehalt

Looking for a business system that eases your business processes from time tracking to salary management? Then the integration between TimeLog and Datev might be the solution you have searched for.

With the DATEV Lohn & Gehalt file integration, you import tracked working and absence times from a time track system, as TimeLog, directly into Datev. Easy for the user, saves time and money for the business.


Slim down your salary process and gain full control over your data. 

Save time and money spent on your salary process 

No need to extract your data into Excel anymore to send it to your tax consultant.

Intuitive time tracking

Get more accurate data and increase your billable hours.

Reduce errors 

Low error rate due to cutting off manual transfer of data

Streamline your processes

Get a flexible and scalable solution that can be customised to your needs.

Easy payroll - accurate time tracking

Give employees the benefits of simple time tracking while ensuring that the company has the business solution needed to succeed. With TimeLog, every employee can track time the way they want. This secures accurate data and fewer barriers when it comes to registering time.


Reduce the number of manual errors

The integration improves your salary process significantly. 

TimeLog generated automatically a suitable file with all key data that you want to export into Datev Lohn und Gehalt, which reduces your manual processes, minimizes the chances of mistakes and saves you and your tax consultant time. 

Price and product version

Datev Lohn und Gehalt is a free add on, but requires minimum TimeLog Growth

Support and setup

Just a few clicks needed to set up the integration 

Installation guide on our Help Center

Get started now

Contact Customer Success, if you have any questions

GDPR and security

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