Dinero integration

Keep track of your business with a link between TimeLog and the accounting program Dinero.

An integration between your time tracking system and accounting program is an advantage for you, when you have enough on your plate running the business and earning money at the same time. You do not want to spend your time on administration and invoicing, but on activities that create value for your customers. Let us help you simplify the monthly invoicing and at the same time provide the full overview of your finances.

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Dinero + TimeLog feels like one system

In TimeLog, you can control your time and projects and thereafter transfer invoices to Dinero with a simple click, so it feels like you are working in one system.

This is what you get with the integration:

  • Easy setup of the integration without any consultancy
  • Easy transfer of invoices to Dinero
  • See the final value of the invoice directly in TimeLog
  • Automatic transfer of customers and contacts to Dinero
  • Opportunity to link several contacts to your customers in TimeLog

Use TimeLog as your CRM system

In Dinero, you can only link one contact to each customer. Sometimes you need several contacts for one customer, e.g. if the invoice should be send to someone else than your primary contact, or if you work for different contacts within the same company. You can do this in our customer database.

If you need advanced pipeline management or other functionalities to manage your sales work, you can use TimeLog's inbuild customer database with TimeLog CRM, and you can thereby both manage customers, several contacts per customer and keep a primary invoice contact in Dinero.

This integration requires:

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