Secure transfer of data from your financial system

Are you about to change your financial system and thereby transfer your data from the former supplier to the new one, so you are ready to integrate your financial system with TimeLog?

Then eKontoret can help you do the conversion. During a conversion you transfer the chart of accounts, creditors, products and history in the form of financial posts, debtor posts and creditor posts.

Do not lose important data

Conversion of data can be done without help via Excel and similar tools. The question is if you are ready to gamble with your financial data by doing it yourself, or if you want to save time and at the same time have the security that a supplier runs the entire process and secures the data of the transfer.

You can ensure that the transfer is as easy as possible by selecting a supplier with experience from more than 2,000 conversions, has automated most of the process and knows how dependent you are on your financial system.

eKontoret converts your financial data to a new financial system from the below providers:

  • C5
  • Navision
  • Billys Billing
  • Summasumarum
  • E-conomic
  • And many more...

When the decision is made about your new financial system, you contact eKontoret and together you agree on a date for when the conversion should take place. It typically takes 36-48 hours.

Hereafter you are ready to set up the integration between your financial system like e-conomic or Microsoft Navision and TimeLog.

If you want to hear more about eKontoret and transfer of your data, then contact: eKontoret ApS, Gunnar Clausens vej 68, Viby J, Tlf: 32 21 00 11, e-mail: salg@ekontoret.dk