File integration API

File integration API

Actions that previously had to be done manually may now get automated with our File Integration API.

Avoid difficulties – get data files directly from TimeLog's file integration API which makes it possible to avoid manual data transfer to your financial system.   

Automate the process

With the File Integration API we make it possible to automate the file exchange process. The employee no longer needs to make a manual export and import of data from TimeLog to the financial system. You can build an integration via the API so the financial system automatically is updated in pre-fixed intervals, e.g. daily or monthly. You do it by collecting the booked invoices in TimeLog which hereafter will show up automatically in the financial system and be ready for further processing.

Case: The invoice export 

TimeLog’s invoice export is a popular file integration, because invoice line data is easily exported and imported in a number of financial systems available in the market, e.g. Navision/AxaptaVisma and C5. 

This file integration is for those of you who are not in need of an extensive integration, but just want to transfer your invoice data.