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TimeLog & Fortnox Lön

With an integration between TimeLog and the Swedish salary system Fortnox Lön, you avoid double work and manual entry of salary data in two systems. Time registrations, employee expenses, absence and mileage is easily transferred to Fortnox Lön for further processing.

This is what you get with an integration:
  • Get updated salary data in real time
  • Avoid manual entry og salary data and minimise errors
  • Save time on the monthly salary management
  • Give both employees and payroll bookkeepers the best systems in the market
Benefits of integrating TimeLog and Fortnox Lön

With the integration, you will save a lot of time on your salary administration. By using the same salary codes in both TimeLog and Fortnox Lön, you can easily transfer the month's salary data from TimeLog to Fortnox Lön via a file export. This means that your employees no longer need to get interrupted by your payroll bookkeepers asking for salary data. At the same time, you make sure to receive the correct salary data on time.

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The integration is quick and easy to set up and does not require any consultancy. The transfer is file based and only demands a few clicks.

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