Integrate Fortnox and TimeLog

You can control your time, projects and contracts in TimeLog and simultaneously work with your financials in Fortnox.

With an integration between the two systems, you only need to enter data in one of them, which will help you avoid manual work and at the same time minimise the risk of typos being made. 

The workday runs more smoothly, and you save both time and money, when all departments can work in the systems they are happy to use. With our Fortnox integration, nobody has to give up the system that best supports their business processed.

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Two systems that each do what they do best

This is what you get with an integration:

  • Automatic synchronisation of data
  • Easy transfer of invoices and customer informations
  • A full overview of invoices in both systems
  • An internal invoicing process, where the project manager in TimeLog can mark which invoices are ready to be invoiced
  • You can always follow your invoicing potential in real time in TimeLog
  • An integration log with an explanation of possible failed transfers missing data

In other words, you get an overview of your financials that provides a basis of exact data for decision making. Thereby, you can keep focus on what you do best, when you know that the integration makes it possible for you to use some of the best systems on the market.

Get started in record time with the integration

The integration is free of charge and you can set it up yourself. The only thing you must do to enable the connection is to activate the integration in TimeLog by entering your Fortnox login information.

This integration requires:

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