TimeLog and GoSimplo show you the full picture


With TimeLog and GoSimplo, you don’t need any other tools to establish an overview and take control of your business and finances.

Access simple visualisations of TimeLog time registrations in real time so you can react without delay on your KPIs.


Get started right away

Business intelligence reporting and performance dashboards – less than 5 minutes from the time you set up the integration until your dashboards are ready.


Freemium version

The employee, customer and finance dashboards are always free in GoSimplo.


Easy to set up

You can set the integration up yourself without having to pay for consultancy time.


Insight rather than administration

Eliminate time spent on administration time when compiling your reports – use the time to act on your data instead.


TimeLog integrates with GoSimplo

The best of two worlds: sublime data collection and visualisation

Integration between TimeLog and GoSimplo gives you the best of both worlds.

TimeLog is a peerless system for collecting all the data you need to run a profitable business. And GoSimplo provides a quick and accurate overview.

So if you send your TimeLog data to GoSimplo, you get company reporting and overview on the basis of the best available data.

TimeLog integrates with GoSimplo
GoSimplo with TimeLog time registration

A simple reporting solution so you can react in time

Take control and gain the insight you need by staying up-to-date on your performance.

GoSimplo provides clear, updated dashboards for:

  • Employee performance
  • Customer insight
  • Finance
  • Project reporting

All in an easy-to-read format so you can stay up-to-date at all times.

GoSimplo with TimeLog time registration

If you are not already using TimeLog, you can try it free of charge for 30 days and link it to GoSimplo right away.

No credit card required
Full support from day one
Cancel your subscription at any time

Visualize your data in just 5 minutes

  • Freemium version – always free
  • No up-front investments or implementation fee
  • No technical expertise or external consultants needed
  • Gain a full overview by combining data from projects, time registrations and finance
  • You can cancel your subscription at any time


Do you have any questions about the visualisation of TimeLog data or would you like to arrange a personal walk-through?

If so, you can book a 20-minute online presentation
and walk-through of TimeLog to watch on your own computer.

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Price and version

All versions of TimeLog can use GoSimplo

GoSimplo is free if you only need to see your employee, customer and finance data

Support and set-up

You can email questions about data to TimeLog at info@timelog.com

You can email questions about dashboards and data visualisation to GoSimplo

Get started today

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